About Us

About LFG

Lionize Financial Group (LFG) was founded to provide clients with the exact resources they need at the right time, no matter what stage the company is at. We strongly believe that every enterprise needs flexible business partners to support their journey. By leveraging experience and networks, LFG’s objective is to provide a pool of subject matter experts that bring new ideas and proven experience to support your leadership team in growing, adapting and evolving in a dynamic and disruptive environment. LFG is committed to providing our clients with choice and expertise to create a win-win relationship - providing value at a fraction of the cost of a large consulting or accounting firm. 

About our Experts

Our team has expertise in multiple industries - both regulated and emerging. We draw on a network of seasoned professionals who have worked in banking, tech start-up, data mining, AI, crypto, oil & gas and the public sector. Each team member brings a highly transferable skill set supported by specific expertise to address your business needs. 

At a 10,000 foot level, our primary goal is to offer our clients the following:

About the Founder

With over 25 years of experience, Allen Stephen has held various financial executive positions in public, private and public sector organizations. His most recent work with a fintech start-up in Calgary saw the valuation exceed $1 billion within less than two years of operation. Allen’s expertise extends beyond the narrow C-suite skill set. He brings experience and expertise in overseeing talent, legal, compliance, risk, internal audit, tax, treasury, debt and equity fundraising and capital management activities. Throughout his career and community engagement, Allen has established a network of like-minded professionals that have joined LFG to deliver outstanding results to our clients.